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CNC Mill Training


An introduction to the Tormach 1100 CNC Mill

CNC Mill Training

This class introduces you to the Tormach 1100 CNC Mill, an essential tool of any metal or fabrication shop.

The class begins with an introduction to the PathPilot software, which allows you to create a tool path and dial in the settings for your cut.

The class then shifts to the machine itself where you’ll set up your material, dial in the settings and start milling!

This is a 3 hour class. Each student then receives an additional 2 hour window of 1 on 1 instruction where you can come back with your own material and file to run your own cut. The second session will need to be scheduled separately with the instructor.

This course also serves as a certification to run the machine independently at our facility. Maketory is a membership based makerspace and you can learn more about us and our membership options at www.maketory.com

After growing up in New Zealand Chris traveled for many years before moving to San Francisco in 2000 and more recently to San Diego.

Specializing in CAD and CNC machining. Chris has worked as a signmaker, architectural model maker and creating artwork for hotels and commercial spaces. Chris is passionate about engineering and has built an experimental tilt-wing aircraft and renovated several vintage airstream travel trailers.

Currently, shop manager at Maketory, Chris teaches classes including CAD, laser cutting, Waterjet, CNC Router, CNC Mill, and Woodshop.

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