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Intro to Blacksmithing


Explore the world of blacksmithing at Maketory!

Blacksmithing Workshop

In this semi-private workshop (max of 4 people) you will be introduced to both classic and modern blacksmithing techniques. Learn the basic operations of propane forges, power hammers and hydraulic presses as you’re introduced to blacksmithing best practices.

Each student will learn these techniques by making their own set of blacksmith tongs! Tongs are a great tool to start with as they make it possible to forge other more complex items moving forward.

Explore the various types of the blacksmith’s tongs, and forge a pair of tongs based on the student’s future projects and goals. Take the skills from this class to forge additional pairs of tongs to suit any size or shape of stock.


  • This is a 4 hour workshop on Saturday’s from 12pm – 4pm.
  • We require at least 3 participants to run the course. In the event we do not reach 3 participants we will reach out to reschedule for the following Saturday or issue a refund, whichever you prefer.
  • Participants must be 18 or older. Or 16 or older if accompanied by an adult.
  • Hearing protection and safety glasses will be provided by Maketory.
  • Snacks and refreshments will be provided by Maketory.
  • Tickets are nonrefundable (unless class is cancelled) and can not be used for another date.
  • Maketory is a membership based facility. This class is open to nonmembers however, active members receive discounts on classes. If you are interested in membership please contact us at (858)252-1919 or info@maketory.com



John has been a bladesmith for 10 years, practicing all across the US, beginning as a knife maker and swordsmith. Throughout his career he also explored traditional steel making and a wide variety of pattern welding.

Since moving to California in 2016 he has worked as a public educator, demonstrator, and reproduction blacksmith for Old Town State Park. For the last several years John has explored and developed traditional ironwork and tool making. In February/March of 2020 he traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to teach hammer making and the corresponding tooling to local artisans.

In addition to ironwork, John is a luthier and fine woodworker, and currently a Sawyer for Lumbercycle, a non profit sawmill operating across the Southern California region.

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