Maketory Defined.


Maketory is a 24/7 membership-based, direct-to-consumer product development, multi-discipline micro-manufacturing and fabrication facility for builders, creators, and innovators. We facilitate apprentice-style education, collaboration, and entrepreneurship as a pathway to independence and success. 

Our open-access, membership-based workshop will provide a community where members can create direct-to-consumer products, micro-manufacture, fabricate, and learn using a variety of tools and resources such as: CNC (computer numeric controlled) machines, 3D printers, metal and wood shop equipment, computers/software, electronics, and hardware supplies.

At Maketory, our members will find themselves surrounded by a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners in an enriching learning environment, allowing them to connect on real and personally meaningful projects whilst being supported and coached by helpful mentors with real-world expertise.


The vision of Maketory is to create an autonomous, community-driven, shared space with access to tools for friendly, collaborative, inspirational, technical, and artistic expression and experimentation in the United States.


The mission of Maketory is to offer a productive environment that nurtures innovation.  The space will provide tools, resources, training and entrepreneurial opportunities pursued by its participants. Maketory will provide venues where individuals and business partners can consult, collaborate, and create, enabled by appropriate technology, education, and their own shared skills, inspiration, and resources

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