Introductory Membership

For a limited time, members will be able to secure special introductory pricing on membership at Maketory. Only 50 memberships are offered at this rate – and once purchased, your rate is locked in for life. Full Access Memberships provide access to the entire facility (metal shop, textiles, protyping, woodshop, blacksmithing, etc). Grab your introductory rate today!


  • Shop Orientation fee waived;

  • 24/7 Access to a connected network of makers, builders, business owners, clients, and fellow members with a wide variety of skill sets and networks to support your own entrepreneurial, business, and product development;

  • Choice of any 3 classes in a wide variety of skilled disciplines tailored to your own interests included in this introductory offer;

  • Discounted additional classes to support further development and interest areas;

  • Discounted and free entry to specialized workshops and trainings by local and internationally known artists, builders, innovators, and business owners;

  • Discounted rates with major suppliers for building/making materials;

  • On-site materials storage (additional fees apply);

  • On-site material availability for all aspects of making, designing, and building (additional fees apply);

  • Apprentice-style learning, both in class and within the flexible learning community;

  • Free coffee;

  • Free wifi;

  • Kitchen/culinary area;

  • Inviting lounge area for business or leisure;

  • Discount entry to cowork space and conference rooms.