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San Diego Blacksmith Facility


Most people consider blacksmithing as a century-old trade: a trade where husky men heat metal and hammer it into horseshoes, axes, and other crude tools. You’ll be surprised to learn that there are many modern-day enthusiasts who excel in the art of blacksmithing. If you want to start blacksmithing or have a project that needs custom metalwork, then consider our San Diego blacksmith facility.


Blacksmithing itself is not very expensive but it does require a fair amount of space. Although you could forge in your garage there are serious risks.  The obvious danger is fire: if you don’t have a good system set up, you could burn down your garage. Perhaps more dangerous is the carbon dioxide that is released: CO is poisonous and can kill you if you don’t have sufficient ventilation. Not to mention, the hammering of metal causes a lot of noise: noise that neighbors won’t appreciate.


Avoid the dangers of setting up a  metalwork shop; join Maketory for one-time metal projects and for ongoing metalwork. We are stocked with essential safety equipment and blacksmithing tools such as:

  • Propane Forges
  • Anvils
  • Pneumatic Hammers
  • Hydraulic Screw Press
  • Grinders and Abrasives
  • Dozens of Hammers and Tools

Maketory is a mixed-use facility with 26,000 sq ft of floor-space well suited for makers of all levels. Also available are resources for woodshop, computer lab, electronics & design lab, and more. Click to see equipment:


The Maketory mission is to generate an environment that encourages innovation. The facility offers tools, resources, training,  entrepreneurial opportunities, and networking. Maketory will provide venues where individuals and business partners can consult, collaborate, and create, enabled by appropriate technology, and their own shared skills, inspiration, and resources

Contact Maketory for more information on our San Diego blacksmith facility.  Facility tours are available by appointment.

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San Diego Blacksmith Facility

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