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San Diego Shared Laser Cutter


Maketory is pleased to announce the availability of a San Diego shared laser cutter for its members.  Membership at Maketory gives you access to top of the line tools for metal shop, wood shop, blacksmithing, prototyping, electronics & design, and more.


What is it?
Simply put, a laser cutter uses a powerful laser beam to melt, burn, or vaporize material to form cuts,  etches, or marks. Laser cutting is well suited for making custom or intricate designs in paper, wood, glass, ceramics, plastic, metal, gemstone, and more.
Benefits of Laser Cutters:
For many artisans and small business owners, laser cutting is the method of choice for custom metal-cutting projects and the fabrication of products.  There are many benefits of laser cutting compared to conventional cutting methods:

  • the laser beam does not wear down so you can achieve a clean cut every time
  • laser cutting is faster than other traditional methods of cutting metal
  • a laser cutter can cut complex shapes and small holes
  • laser cutting is repeatable so you can make the same pattern over and over again with precision
  • laser cutting does not require that you change the tool for cutting different shapes or different thickness of metals
  • the cutting process is contactless and decreases the chances of contamination

Disadvantages of Laser Cutters
That being said, there are some drawbacks with laser cutting:

  • laser cutters can cut metal up to about 2 cm in thickness. Beyond that, laser cutters are not as effective
  • the melting of some materials, like plastics, produce toxic fumes
  • a good laser cutting machine can be quite expensive: over 10K

The good news is that Maketory has a well-ventilated facility and two laser cutters: Laguna Laser EX and Laguna Laser MX. Please contact Maketory to learn more about the San Diego shared laser cutter and other shop equipment.

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San Diego Shared Laser Cutter

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