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San Diego Shared Woodshop


Remember the good old days in high school when you dabbled in fun projects in woodworking class? Well, you can recreate that feeling with Maketory’s San Diego Shared Woodshop.  We offer top of the line tools, an open workspace, a friendly atmosphere, and creative folks.


Anyone who needs woodshop tools is welcome to use the equipment at Maketory.  Our members consist of artists, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners.  Some people have a one-time project while others come back week after week to create more products.  Maketory is a mixed-use micro-fabrication facility featuring brand new equipment. Maketory membership gives members access to the entire facility (woodshop, metal shop, prototyping, computer lab, blacksmithing and electronics lab). We have flexible storage space so you don’t have to transport your projects back and forth.  For those who need office space, we also have private and semi-private office suites (with Wifi).


Maketory is 26,000 sq ft in size and packed with state-of-the-art woodshop tools. Whether you are a hobbyist or a diehard woodworker, we can help you reach your project goals. Our equipment includes:

  • 4'x8' 3 Axis Router with ATC
  • Bandsaw and Table Saw
  • Scroll Saw, Panel Saw and Chop Saws
  • Drill Presses
  • 24” Lathe
  • 43” Wide Belt Sander
  • Disc, Spindle and Edge Sanders
  • 20" Planer
  • 12" Jointer

Create mixed media projects with the right tools. Also available are resources for metal shop, computer lab, electronics & design lab, and more. Click to see equipment:


The mission of Maketory is to offer a productive environment that nurtures innovation. The space will provide tools, resources, training, and entrepreneurial opportunities pursued by its participants. Maketory will provide venues where individuals and business partners can consult, collaborate, and create, enabled by appropriate technology, and their own shared skills, inspiration, and resources.

Contact Maketory for more information on our San Diego shared woodshop.  Want to look at the place?  Book an appointment for a tour.

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San Diego Shared Woodshop

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