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San Diego Waterjet Cutting Rental


Whether you are an artist with a unique project or a small business owner who wants to fabricate a product for sale, one of the best ways to cut through metal is waterjet cutting.


What is it?
Waterjet cutting is a versatile method of cutting almost any material (stone, metal, plastics, wood) with great flexibiity and precision. Edges, curves, lettering, and internal cutouts can be made relatively quickly and easily compared to cutting by hand.

How Does it Work?
Waterjet cutting uses high pressure & velocity water (or water with an abrasive) pushed through a nozzle to slice through tough and thick materials. There are many benefits of waterjet cutting:
• it does a great job in creating smooth edges that often don’t need a second round of sanding.
• it is computer controlled so it can make intricate cuts precisely,
• it does not cause a “heat-affected zone” so metals will not warp,
• it cuts through almost anything (except tempered glass which shatters).

How Much Does One Cost?
That’s the bad news: a waterjet cutter can be tens of thousands of dollars – a price that most small businesses and artisans can’t afford. The good news is that Maketory has one available for rent.  Ask us about our San Diego waterjet cutting rental services.


Maketory is a 26,000 sq ft maker’s facility stocked with top-of-the-line equipment for wood shop, metal shop, prototyping, electronics & design, blacksmithing, and more. The facility includes flexible storage space and private & shared office space. Contact Maketory for more information on our San Diego waterjet cutting rental or any of our other shared spaces, classes, and workshops.  Don’t be shy, call us and book a tour of the facility.

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San Diego Waterjet Cutting Rental

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