At Maketory, we pride ourselves on providing our Members and Local Businesses with a world-class experience . Stepping into the shop, you’ll find an environment unlike any other facility. From state-of-the-art equipment available 24 hours a day to a vast array of services catering to any business, builder, or maker’s needs, our members will enter a world in which they can build, and create with no boundaries. Below is a introductory guide to the services provided at Maketory. 


contract services

Maketory will offer a variety of contract services to local businesses and non-members. Prototyping, custom short-run manufacturing, high-resolution digital printing, waterjet cutting, vinyl cutting, 3D printing, laser cutting, digital embroidery, CNC fabrication, and a wide variety of manual fabrication capabilities will be available. 




Technical staff are available upon request to assist in the design of any project in a wide variety of software packages and disciplines. Local businesses and individuals will have the ability to rapidly prototype, program, create products – and receive the mentoring and/or classes to get there.


Metal material.jpg

Retail and Materials Supply 

All Maketory members will receive preferred pricing from local vendors and suppliers. Materials available will include safety equipment, plastics, metals, wood, and other consumable items such as welding wire, 3D printer filament, sand paper, and any other item you could need.


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